Vinyl Floor High Performance Corrosion Resistant Materials

Vinyl Floor ester resin as an internationally recognized high-performance corrosion-resistant materials, because of its excellent physical and chemical properties are widely used in glass fiber reinforced plastic production and anti-corrosion engineering industry, after decades of development has become a mainstream material.

Vinyl Floor  ester resin molecular structure is different from the unsaturated polyester resin, but its curing properties can be attributed to the scope of unsaturated polyester resin, high activity, curing reaction speed, to meet the FRP hand paste, molding, vacuum Import and other production process requirements, the current application of the most occasions is corrosion-resistant occasions.

In the last two years, especially in the past 2016, the price of Vinyl Floor  ester resin was once lower, the market dubbed the cabbage price, in fact, this situation as early as a few years ago, industry has foreseen, and now get verified , And the trend of unsustainable intensified, the Vinyl Floor ester resin manufacturers competing began a price war.

Vinyl Floor  ester resin corrosion is a functional concept, it is a concept of aging, which is often overlooked or weakened by many people. We all say that they are Vinyl Floor ester resin, but the use of anti-corrosion engineering, and some resistant to 5-8 years, some 3-5 years, some may be a few months on the bad, with the passage of time The problem is coming, which is also good to reflect the natural, which is why DERAKANE, FUCHEM and other brands is always the main force of anti-corrosion market, and other brands can only deter in the periphery. Because the market does not exist really cheap, only the quality of products can withstand the market validation. From the production point of view, low cost can not guarantee the profitability of the product, only in the raw materials and technology for the article, this way, threatening the healthy development of the industry as a whole, and even made China made a cottage and rotten Goods of the pronoun, this phenomenon in previous years, projects and projects are also reflected in the past few years the cost of methacrylic acid and acrylic there is a spread, some manufacturers use acrylic acid to replace methacrylic acid to reduce costs, the results of many resistance Corrosion project quality problems, which is still some "somewhat conscience" of the enterprise, some so-called domestic Vinyl Floor  ester of the first enterprises, even with all or mixed with unsaturated resin instead of Vinyl Floor  ester resin to achieve the project and the project Low-cost bid, the results can be imagined, these conditions in some domestic manufacturers and projects also appeared, including a few years ago in Guangdong a large petrochemical projects. No profit leads to no extinction. Those who expect to buy cheap, cheaper users, you buy things really value for money? Really advise you to buy a low price that moment is happy, but you may be lost a protection, the use of every day may be the collapse of the.

Vinyl Floor  ester resin is a kind of denatured epoxy resin obtained by reacting bisphenol type or phenolic type epoxy resin with methacrylic acid, commonly referred to as Vinyl Floor  ester resin (VE), alias epoxy acrylic resin, thermosetting resin The Vinyl Floor  ester resin adhering to the excellent characteristics of epoxy resin, curability and formability is more excellent, can be dissolved in styrene and acrylic monomer, due to both the advantages of epoxy and unsaturated, its application areas are constantly expand.