Vinyl Floor High Activity, Fast Curing Reaction

As we all know, Vinyl Floor as an internationally recognized high-performance corrosion-resistant materials, because of its excellent physical and chemical properties are widely used in glass fiber reinforced plastic production and anti-corrosion engineering industry, after decades of development has become a mainstream material.

Vinyl Floor molecular structure is different from the unsaturated polyester resin, but its curing properties can be attributed to the scope of unsaturated polyester resin, high activity, curing reaction speed, to meet the FRP hand paste, molding, vacuum Import and other production process requirements, the current application of the most occasions is corrosion-resistant occasions.

In the last two years, especially in the past 2016, the price of Vinyl Floor was once lower, the market dubbed the cabbage price, in fact, this situation as early as a few years ago, industry has foreseen, and now get verified , And the trend of unsustainable intensified, the Vinyl Floor manufacturers competing began a price war. Do not know this excessive price war, but in reality is a morbid market-oriented, will only make our products and businesses more and more uncompetitive, pulled down the quality of the industry, and ultimately exhausted themselves, killing their peers, pits Dead users, not only damage the Chinese industry chain, but also wiped out the future of China's business.

The vinyl silane oligomer is a new generation of vinyl silane family, which significantly reduces the VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions, with higher flash point and boiling point (compared to conventional vinyl monomer silanes) Not flammable and explosive), environmental protection and workers in the production process of safety and health issues have a very important contribution.

Because of its excellent coupling and hydrophobic function, especially suitable for a large number of inorganic mineral filled polymer system, such as ATH and MDH filled EPDM and EVA system for the production of environmentally friendly halogen-free flame retardant cable,Vinyl Floor  which to the final Products bring bright spots are:

Improve the dispersion of the filler.Significantly improve processing performance.Reduce moisture absorption

While achieving good tensile strength and elongation at break.Improve the chemical resistance

Significantly reduced stress points.Higher impact strength.Higher scratch resistance