Vinyl Floor Choose The Right Environment

Vinyl Floor  as the main decoration materials and decoration in the home, more and more attention to the people, in the selection of elegant, affinity style, the environmental performance of the floor and the environmental indicators to adapt to more value. In the market of the environment-friendly flooring, we should choose the right environmental flooring.

Environment-friendly flooring and tiles are two important ground decorative materials, of which flooring with natural kind texture and comfortable foot sense, installed in the proportion of the indoor more. In the current era of renovation, the general situation of the bedroom floor material is the first choice is Vinyl Floor . The bedroom is the space that people rest, will release poisonous gas, then nature will harm people's health. Therefore, the environmental protection of the floor is very important.

Below to take everyone to understand the importance of environmental protection flooring. First, a sniff of two to see three knocks. Take a sample to lift the weight, the weight of the wood is good; look at the ramp. The inferior one looks like the chaff radish, with the fire smell smell, the wood taste or the fireworks taste, the general quality good floor taste is the wood taste, the flame-retardant. Hit with heavy things, see if there is a hole or damage. Again, look at the wood grain, laminate flooring surface for decorative paper, the middle is the base material, the bottom is the sealing film. Good quality decorative paper is very clear wood grain, natural, many pieces of the board put together not repeat the color.

Health and environmental protection has always been the goal of modern people's pursuit of life, all home decoration materials in the largest killer is free formaldehyde, environmental protection over the body of the material damage light dizziness nausea, the heavy cause of leukemia and other malignant diseases, in the process of buying Vinyl Floor  must check whether the business has relevant environmental certification and so on.

The use of imported flooring maintenance is relatively simple and easy, therefore, in the day-to-day maintenance becomes very simple.

Now many people in the housing decoration will choose Vinyl Floor, the reasons are mostly good-looking, environmental protection, on the grade, or even just to catch up with the trend. In fact, careful analysis, you will find the advantages of Vinyl Floor is not only so, it is also very important to the health of the human body. So people pursue longevity, the floor also needs longevity, so how do we make the import floor longevity?

Here is a small part of the recommended to you in the day-to-day use of the attention of several points:

1, the wooden import floor will be with the environment humidity or change the temperature change its moisture content, affect the expansion of the floor. It should be like protecting the skin, maintain the reasonable moisture content of the floor.

2, the suggestion puts the pedal mat in the doorway, lest bring into the dust grain, damage the floor.

3, the North dry area, it is recommended that you should pay attention to increase the humidity of the floor surface in winter, with a damp mop mop, the appropriate increase in surface humidity, can effectively solve the floor cracks and cracks. If the individual location of cracking, please notify the sales unit in a timely manner to fill the local treatment.

4, the rainy season please pay attention to close the window to avoid the rain.

5, heating, air-conditioning and other indoor facilities please pay attention to maintenance, so as to avoid leaking into the imported floor. In case of the floor bubble water, can be soaked by water floor, in a cool place to dry or timely inform the sales unit for processing.

6, bathroom and kitchen doorway, should pay attention to the timely clean-up of stagnant water.