Dryback Floor Keep Dry

South wind days again, the walls, the mirror "sweating", wash the clothes are always dry, with the mood is also wet. Kindergarten ground is always wet, so worried that the children ran and ran to the wrestling ah!

Every year to this time,Dryback Floor the southern region of the teachers, have to be careful to spend a month or two, Xiao Bian today to bring you a coup, no longer have to worry about the floor slippery, no trouble no way to timely The

In the southerly days can also be easy to dry the floor with water, but also to keep the floor dry super coup is: hot water + salt.

The first step, the water heating, so it will not be hot on the temperature can be, then the water temperature is about 40 degrees Celsius.

The second step, add a spoonful of salt to the water,Dryback Floor stir a little, until the salt is fully dissolved, you can start mopping the ground.

The third step, the mop soaked with hot salt water, wring dry as much as possible, the floor dragged clean.

Xiaobian also specially done a comparative test, you see,Dryback Floor the left side of the paper towel wipe cold water drag the area, the whole paper are wrinkled up, and the right side of the paper in the hot salt water on the floor after the wipe, Are not the same as new!

Why hot salt water can have such a magical effect? This is because the liquid volatilization speed and temperature, the higher the temperature, the faster the evaporation rate,Dryback Floor with warm water to the ground floor naturally dry fast. And the salt of magnesium chloride and calcium chloride is very absorbent, they are dry on the floor and then become small particles, you can let the ground to keep dry time to extend!

In addition, after entering the spring, especially the current southerly days, indoor and outdoor have a certain temperature difference, coupled with indoor humidity, very negative for human health. In this kind of weather, sweat can not be completely absorbed by the air, sweat gathered in the skin surface, causing the body temperature, so that the body's heat balance is damaged, the bacteria more easily breed,Dryback Floor so the south wind easily lead to upper respiratory tract infection and gastrointestinal diseases.

Due to hot and cold is not good to master, many children susceptible to cold; due to hot weather, food is easy to degenerate, the incidence of gastrointestinal disease will increase. So in the southerly days, pay attention to the appropriate increase or decrease in clothes, the temperature is high when the clothes can not be too fast, because there may be changes at any time. In addition, the daily diet should be light,Dryback Floor children as little as possible to the vegetable market, stations and other crowded places, because these places are high incidence of bacterial infection.