Dryback Floor Improve The Rational Use Of Resources

Because of the continuous improvement of living standards, people on the luxury of home decoration is also more and more attention. Especially for the use of the ground material, because the popularity of the popularity of ordinary wood flooring, floor tiles have been difficult to meet people's needs, more people will choose to use this floor to Dryback Floor to decorate their own ground, today Xiaobian Will be a comprehensive explanation for the floor to the floor, so that we can better choose their own home decoration for the floor.

Under normal circumstances, to warm the floor through the ground radiation, from the bottom to the way to spread the heat energy to achieve the effect of heating, by virtue of the excellent heating effect, do not take up the use of space, exquisite appearance has been a lot of home improvement. Jiuya brand floor Dryback Floor using pure natural wood, effectively reducing the heat consumption in the unnecessary consumption, improve the rational use of resources, by virtue of independent research and development of patent rights, to provide people with a large number of floor products to warm.

There are many consumers in the choice of Dryback Floor has some difficulties, because it did not understand this type of product before, or very little understanding, usually such a consumer in the choice of the floor will appear when more or less the problem, Jiuya will bring you a detailed selection of considerations.

First of all, the floor of the specifications have a very strict request. Floor size is too large in the use of a period of time will cause the deformation of the floor, so the choice can choose to choose a smaller size (but not too small, will affect the overall aesthetics); Dryback Floor thickness selection is also very important, the floor Too thick or too thin will affect its user experience, after a professional test Jiuya suggest you use the thickness of 0.9-1.2 cm thick floor to warm the floor, the best results.

Second, to warm the floor more or less will use glue and other chemical materials, usually will contain more formaldehyde. Because the daily use of the floor to warm the floor will be heated, heating will make the floor of the formaldehyde in the accelerated emissions of human health has a significant impact, so we choose the floor, not only depends on its quality is more reference to its environmental quality inspection The problem is usually Dryback Floor are required to provide their products above the provincial environmental quality inspection departments of the test report certification, the only way to ensure the health of consumers.

Finally, the heat transfer effect is good. Compared to the floor tiles, floor heating floor with a lower density has a good thermal conductivity, you can in a short period of time to make your home faster heat, and has excellent heat storage capacity, even if the home has not Start heating, but because of the wood floor material reasons, step on the top and will not feel too cool, especially in the heating period before the arrival of those days, you will feel the unique benefits of Dryback Floor.